Wales Facts

Jan 27, 2023

Even though Wales is part of the United Kingdom and shares a border with England, it has retained its cultural identity. With only a population of 3 million people or so, it is one of the world’s smallest countries. It has a robust education system. It is a country rich with history, beautiful nature and many castles.

16 Interesting Facts About Wales

1. Wales is the 3rd largest country in the United Kingdom after England and Scotland.

2. The country has an estimated population of 3.1 million people.

3. The capital city of wales is Cardiff, which is also its largest city.

4. The Welsh flag became the official national flag in 1959.

5. Wales is located northwest of Europe and shares a border with England.

6. The country’s name, “Wales”, is derived from the Cymraeg word Gwalia. In English, it means; Homeland.

7. Wales has two official languages: English and Welsh.

8. Wales has more castles per capita than any other European country. Caerphilly castle is the second largest castle in Europe.

9. As part of the United Kingdom, the country uses the Pound Sterling as its currency.

10. The country’s national day is St David’s Day every year, on March 1.

11. Wales has hosted many important events, such as UEFA Champions League Final 2017, The ICC Cricket World Cup and more.

12. Wales is home to 8 universities, and at least 25,000 international students study at those Universities from over 100 countries.

13. The corgi dog originated in Wales.

14. Welsh gold is used to make wedding rings for the British Royal family.

15. Mount Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales. It is 3,560 ft or 1,085 m.

16. The country has three national parks (combined, they cover at least 20% of Wales’ total landmass):

  • Snowdonia National Park
  • Brecon Beacons National Park
  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

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