facts about Cardiff city

Facts About Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the most historic cities in Europe. Despite its small size, the city attracts millions of tourists a year. Its the land of castles, interesting architecture and many other interesting things. There is a lot to see and explore in Wale’s capital city. If you’ve never been to Cardiff, we highly recommend it.

Here are 15 amazing facts about Cardiff.

1. Cardiff is the capital city and largest city of Wales – United Kingdom. Its been the capital city of Wales since 1955.

2. To this day it is not known exactly where the name Cardiff came from.

3. It is the 11th largest city in the United Kingdom.

4. The city has an estimated population of 364,248 people.

5. Cardiff has its own island, the island of Flat Holm (Ynys Echni in Welsh). It is located 5 minutes off the coast of the city.

6. Back in the day, long time ago – the city was surrounded by a wall.

7. Cardiff is the smallest capital city in the world – but get this… once upon a time, it was the world’s richest city (yes… a very, very long time ago).

8. Cardiff is the city of Castles – it has the most castles in the world.

one of the oldest castles in Europe.

9. This may not be an important fact to some of you but Cardiff is home to the oldest record store in the world. Spillers Records since 1894.

10. It is estimated that at least 10% of the population can understand the Welsh language.

11. The first Fair Trade capital in the world is Cardiff.

12. Cardiff is one of the sunniest cities in Europe. It has more sunlight than Milan – Italy.

13. A lot of celebrities in the United Kingdom were born in Cardiff; to name a few Gareth Bale, Shirley Bassey and many others.

14. It used the world’s largest exporter of coal, and it’s fortune that way.

15. The world’s first £1 million coal deal was signed in 1907 when coal was a very thriving industry.

16. Cardiff is also known as the City of Arcades. It has the biggest concentration of Victorian, Edwardian and modern-day indoor shopping arcades in the United Kingdom.