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British Social Norms

The United King is a country made up of 4 countries Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland, so these do not apply to every single person, but these are basic social norms of the British culture.

1. Wait your turn when you are in line, do not jump in queue.

2. Respecting your elders and the disabled is very important in British society.

3. You will often find that most Brits are not as passionate when expressing themselves, this is normal.

4. It considered rude and disrespectful if you show up late for a planned meeting/arrangement. Always let people know in advance that you are going to be late. Being punctual is very important. At a person’s home is a bit different but at a public place, advise in advance.

5. Say thank you and sorry every time its appropriate to do so, it is not a “small thing”, it matters.

6. The person who invites you out to eat is usually the person who pays.

7. Speaking of food, Fish and chips is very British! Very popular here.

8. Also another important meal is the Sunday Roast with Yorkshire pudding.

9. Brits love their tea and cookies.

10. It is considered proper manners to keep a healthy distance between you and the person you are talking too. The length of your arm is a good enough distance.

11. Greetings; you do not have to shake a person’s hand unless they are family, in which case you hug or kiss them on the cheek.

12. In general, British people are not comfortable with extended eye contact so keep this in mind.

13. People love their football here (soccer in America).

14. Remembrance Day to honour the fallen soldiers is on November 11, this is an important day.

15. The most popular male surname is Smith.

And there you have it. We realize that this is not everything obviously, so feel free to let us know if you have something to add or post it in the comments below.