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16 Facts About England

Many people outside the UK often confuse England and the United Kingdom and think they are the same thing. England is a country within the United Kingdom. Sure England the main country and the seat of power but it is not the United Kingdom. Hopefully the facts below shed some light on this confusion.

Here are 16 Interesting Cool, Fun Facts About England

1. England is the biggest country in the United Kingdom. It has a population of around 56 million people.

2. London is the capital city of England and largest city.

3. England uses the Pound Sterling as its currency.

4. England shares borders with Wales and Scotland.

5. The national anthem is: “God Save the Queen“.

6. England is there first country to be industrialized in the world.

7. Even though it is a country, England does not have a Parliament or government just for itself.

8. The US State of Alabama and England are about the same size.

9. England and France are only separated by 34 kilometers. They are connected by the Channel Tunnel.

10. Most tourists are very focused on London, and rightfully so, but England also has other nice/big cities worth visiting:

  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield

11. Windermere is the largest lake in England.

12. While the River Thames is the longest.

13. The most popular sport in England, and the whole United Kingdom is football (soccer in North America).

14. The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the largest news/radio entity in England and in the entire UK. It is publicly funded.

15. Mount Scafell Pike is the tallest mountain in England at 3,209 ft/978 feet.

16. The creator of Harry Potter, JK Rowling was born in England.

Facts – Northern Ireland

Sometimes Northern Ireland is recognized as a province or region, and sometimes as a country… so this causes some confusion. It has a capital city and own laws so technically it is a country, and we will refer to it as such.

So here we go… in no particular order, facts about Northern Ireland.

1. 1921 marked the year that the entire island of Ireland of was split; the northern part would remain a part of the United Kingdom, while the south would be an independent country “The Republic of Ireland”. The hardcore Irishmen wanted to be an independent country and not be a subject of Great Britain. So Great Britain kept the northern part.

2. Northern Ireland is the smallest country in the United Kingdom. It borders the Republic of Ireland to the south.

3. Northern Island has a population of around 1.9 million people.

4. Even though it is very small, it makes its own laws.

5. Main spoken language is English, with a smaller population also speaking Irish and Ulster Scots.

6. The capital city is Belfast, and has a population of around 342,000 people. Belfast is also the largest city in the country.

7. It uses the British Pound as its currency.

8. Lake Lough Neagh is the country’s largest lake at 392 km, it is a freshwater lake.

9. The Giant’s Causeway is a natural wonder, nature’s miracle. It is located in County Antrim on the north coast of Northern Ireland and is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a huge tourist attraction for the country.

10. 17 March is a national day: St Patrick’s Day.

11. The the pneumatic tire was invented in Belfast by John Dunlop.

12. You know that popular TV show called Game of Thrones? Most of it was filmed in Northern Ireland.

13. There is no border between The Republic of Ireland and Northern Island, people cross freely without any check points.

Facts About Wales

Even though Wales is part of the United Kingdom and shares a border with England, it is has retained its cultural identity. With only a population of 3 million people or so, it is one of the world’s smallest countries. It has a strong education system. It is a country rich with history, beautiful nature and many castles.

16 Interesting Facts About Wales

1. Wales is the 3rd largest country in the United Kingdom after England, and Scotland.

2. The country has an estimated population of 3.1 million people.

3. The capital city of wales is Cardiff, which is also its largest city.

4. The Welsh flag became the official national flag in 1959.

5. Wales is located north-west of Europe and shares a border with England.

6. The country’s name “Wales” is derived from the the Cymraeg word Gwalia. In English it means; Homeland.

7. Wales has two official languages: English and Welsh.

8. Wales has more castles per capita than any other country in Europe. Caerphilly castle is the second largest castle in Europe.

9. As part of the United Kingdom, the country uses the Pound Sterling as its currency.

10. The country’s national day is St David’s Day, every year on March 1.

11. Wales has hosted a number of important events such as: UEFA Champions League Final 2017, The ICC Cricket World Cup and more.

12. Wales is home to 8 universities and at least 25,000 international students study in those Universities from over 100 countries.

13. The corgi dog originated in Wales.

14. Welsh gold is used to make wedding rings for the British Royal family.

15. Mount Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales. It is 3,560 ft or 1,085 m.

16. The country has 3 national parks (combined they cover at least 20% of Wales’ total landmass):

  • Snowdonia National Park
  • Brecon Beacons National Park
  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

24 Facts About Scotland

Scotland has a history spanning over 10,000 years, so to say that this country is historic would be an understatement. It is on the northern part of the Island of Great Britain, and shares a border with England. Discover some facts about Scotland’s population, geography, cities and more below.

1. Established in the 9th century, Scotland is one of the oldest countries on the world. It is really old.

2. National Motto is: In My Defens God Me Defend.

3. The country covers 1/3 of the island of the United Kingdom.

4. Scotland is the second biggest country in the United Kingdom. England is first.

5. Canada’s first two Prime Ministers were Scottish. The famous John A. MacDonald and Alexander Mackenzie.

6. Scotland is an independent country that is a part of the United Kingdom.

7. Because it is part of the United Kingdom, the country uses the Pound Sterling currency.

8. Scotland has an official animal: the Unicorn.

9. Scotland has an estimated population of 5.5 million people.

10. Almost the same number of Scots (around 5 million) live in Canada and the United States.

11. Scotland has over 700 Islands, the majority of them are inhabited.

12. Mount Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Scotland.

13. English is the most spoken language but the country has 3 officially recognized languages: English, Gaelic, and Scots.

14. The capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh.

16. Edinburgh has a population of around 794,000. This includes all the surrounding areas.

17. The largest city in Scotland is Glasgow, and has a total population of around 1,655,810.

18. The name Scotland comes from the Latin word Scotia.

19. Even though it is part of the UK, the country has its own legal system.

20. Scotland has contributed greatly to our society with the invention of the television, penicillin and the telephone.

21. The raincoat was invented by Charles Macintosh in Scotland, a native of Glasgow.

22. The people who settled on the land that is now Scotland actually came from Ireland.

23. The first official international football game (soccer) was played in 1872 between Scotland and England. The match ended in a draw 0 – 0.

24. Golf was born in Scotland.