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Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the oldest buildings in the world, much older than the White House in Washington DC or the Canadian building; Parliament Hill in Ottawa – Canada. It represents the very essence of Great Britain. This majestic palace has withstood fires, bombs and more.

We are proud to present these 16 interesting facts about Buckingham Palace.

1: Buckingham Palace is the official residence and base of the monarch of Great Britain.

2: Buckingham Palace is located in the very center of London.

3: The place was built in 1703 for a duke. It was never meant to be the Queen’s place. Queen Victoria made Buckingham her place of residence and the tradition has continued to this day.

4: Edward VII is the only monarch in British history to be born and die in the palace.

5: When the Duke built it, it was called Buckingham House.

6: Between July – September the Queen heads to Scotland for the summer holidays. During this period of time, Buckingham Palace is open to the public.

7: The Palace’s grounds is huge, it has approximately 39 acres.

8: Edward Jones, a young boy was deeply in love with the Queen Victoria when the queen was a teenager. Edward broke inside the palace 3 times and stole the queen’s underwear, sitting on the throne and other shenanigans.

9: During World War II, German bombs hit the place at least 9 times.

10: The place has well over 40,000 light bulbs.

11: Buckingham Palace has around 775 rooms and 78 bathrooms.

12: The place welcomes an estimated 50,000 guests a year.

13: The 28th President Woodrow Wilson was the first sitting President of the United States to visit Buckingham Palace.

14: Buckingham Palace has the biggest private garden in London.

15: Whenever you are outside the palace and you see the United Kingdom flag proudly flying at full-staff on top of the palace, that means the Queen is currently there.

16: Maintaining the place is a lot of work! Over 100 staff work here.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth has been the United Kingdom’s pillar of stability for decades. She has seen it all; she has lived and witnessed World War II first hand. She has seen countries fall and rise. Prime Ministers and Presidents have come and gone. Other countries royals have come and gone. Dictators have and gone… and yet she has remained the one constant.  Its as though she has defied “Father Time” himself.

Below are 17 really fascinating facts about Elizabeth II.

1. Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21/1926.

2. Queen Elizabeth II is the longest serving monarch in the entire history of Britain.

3. Queen Elizabeth is the head of state of over 60 countries, including Canada and Australia.

4. That means 14 Prime Ministers and counting have come and gone.

5. Her favourite dog is corgis.

6. The Queen has 2 birthdays; on the day she was officially born, April 21 and on any Saturday in June pending good weather.

7. She became Queen of the UK on June 2/1953. It is estimated that at least 20 million watched the ceremony on TV live all over the world. She is currently 93 years old.

8. The Queen is the only person who can drive without a drivers license… and yes, she still drives sometimes. As you can see, she is clearly above the law!

9. Also she does not own a passport, and yet she has travelled to over 100 countries.

10. She has received gifts from other countries and individuals all the time; among them an elephant.

11. The Queen is a fan of the Arsenal Football Club.

12. When a British citizen turns 100 years old, they get a personal letter from the Queen.

13. When you greet the Queen, you are not allowed to shake her mind.

14. The Queen and husband Prince Philip have 4 children:

  • Prince Charles; Prince of Wales
  • Prince Andrew; Duke of York
  • Anne; Princess Royal
  • Prince Edward; Earl of Wessex

15. No bill from parliament can become law without royal assent from the Queen.

16. Although she and her husband have defied time so far, the BBC remain ready and rehearse all the time for when that day comes.

17. She is on the currency of Canada, Australia and some other commonwealth countries.

25 Facts about Britain

The United Kingdom is one of the most powerful and well known countries in the world. It is used to be a very vast Empire, owning more land than entire continents and during those times, every country used to submit to the will of Great Britain. It is a very historic country, with many mind blowing facts.

Below are 25 Facts about The United Kingdom.

1. The United Kingdom has a population of just over 67 million people.

2. The United Kingdom is made up of 4 countries; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

3. The United Kingdom has the 6th largest economy in the world.

4. The largest city in the UK is London, which is also its capital city.

5. The official and national language is English.

6. English is spoken to over 67 countries, regions and territories.

7. The largest country in the United Kingdom is England.

8. The United Kingdom is sometimes called “Britain”, Great Britain or simply the UK.

9. The UK is a member of NATO, G7, The United Nations, Interpol and other world organizations.

10. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state, and is the longest serving head of state in the world (since 1952).

11. The British Empire is no more, but Queen Elizabeth II is still queen (head of State) of more than 50 countries in the world. All these countries are former colonies, territories, and dominions of the British Empire… one of the greatest empires in the history of the world.

12. The anthem is called: “God Save the Queen”.

13. The Empire is no more and they are no longer a superpower, the United Kingdom is still a very powerful country in the world, and this is reflected in the currency, the “Pound Sterling” (GBP). It still has a lot of influence.

14. The Pound sterling is the 4th most traded currency in the world.

15. The Queen was born in London on April 21/1926. She is over 90 years old.

16. Even though the Queen does not have a passport, she has visited over 100 countries.

17. All eggs in the UK would be illegal in American and Canadian supermarkets because they are not washed. The same thing the other way around, American eggs are illegal in he UK because they are washed.

18. If you turn 100 years old, the Queen sends you a birthday card.

19. Speaking of the British Empire, they owned more territory than the entire African continent.

20. The United Kingdom is the second most ethinically diverse country in the world behind the United States. It attracts a lot of people from all over the world want to live there.

21. Britain is the land of tea. Over 163 million cups of tea consumed per day. This is at least 20 times more than Americans and 60 times more than Canadians.

22. Every 25 miles, you will notice a change in people’s accents.

23. Depression and loneliness kills more men under the age of 50 years old than cancer, driving or anything else in the United Kingdom and around the world.

24. Britain has the highest number of people with obesity in the world at 25% not America like most people think.

25. The name Mary is very popular for women.