16 Facts About England

Many people outside the UK often confuse England and the United Kingdom and think they are the same thing. England is a country within the United Kingdom. Sure England the main country and the seat of power but it is not the United Kingdom. Hopefully the facts below shed some light on this confusion.

Here are 16 Interesting Cool, Fun Facts About England

1. England is the biggest country in the United Kingdom. It has a population of around 56 million people.

2. London is the capital city of England and largest city.

3. England uses the Pound Sterling as its currency.

4. England shares borders with Wales and Scotland.

5. The national anthem is: “God Save the Queen“.

6. England is there first country to be industrialized in the world.

7. Even though it is a country, England does not have a Parliament or government just for itself.

8. The US State of Alabama and England are about the same size.

9. England and France are only separated by 34 kilometers. They are connected by the Channel Tunnel.

10. Most tourists are very focused on London, and rightfully so, but England also has other nice/big cities worth visiting:

  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield

11. Windermere is the largest lake in England.

12. While the River Thames is the longest.

13. The most popular sport in England, and the whole United Kingdom is football (soccer in North America).

14. The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the largest news/radio entity in England and in the entire UK. It is publicly funded.

15. Mount Scafell Pike is the tallest mountain in England at 3,209 ft/978 feet.

16. The creator of Harry Potter, JK Rowling was born in England.